Whealthybug Provides Incentives & Cashback Offers

One Of Its Kind

Whealthybug is one of its kind digital market place. We haven’t just created a random market place.

  • Freelancers :- All the freelancers will get incentives other than their freelancing at the same time. They will also get Cash backs from our 20% Commission.
  • Buyers :- For buyers will get excited offers for them while getting anything on our platform.

Clients Testimonial

It feels so good to serve and when clients get. Happy

its been so long that i'm using whealthybug platform very cooperative and supportive. changed my life completely
Marketing Head
I came to know about Whealthybug platform decided to work on it and turns out to be one of the best decision that i have took to be succesful.
Whealthybug is a great platform to get financial freedom or to be Self-Employed.
  • Turns out to be great decision to be a part of this kind of a platform. Here you’ll get everything that you’ll need to  grow. 


    CEO, Invision Inc.
  • Whealthyug is not just a platform for the freelancing community here you’ll find top of the business recruiters. Get your stuffs done by one of the top experienced service providers. 

    Lead Developer, Automattic Inc

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Whealthybug is an online marketplace for freelance, jobs recruitment, and business services. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Every single freelancer is important for us. So whealthybug is one of its kind place where our freelancers  get incentives  for their work. We provide incentives  on monthly basis or quarterly basis to our freelancers other than their work.

For all our freelancers they keep 80% of their services but other than that we provide them Cash backs from our 20% other than their work as a extra reward.

We track your performance on Whealthybug platform on the basis of your performance by the time you’ll start getting rewards , cash backs & incentives.

No, you don’t need to apply for cash backs or incentives you’ll automatically start getting it on the basis of your performance you’ll be notify about that then you can claim it.

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