About This Mjob

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In the last 6 years, I’ve been studying and practising  countless concepts and methodologies on startup development. These contents have completely changed my mindset about the right initial moves a new founder must take to achieve success.

However, prioritising which contents to learn is a big challenge for a new founder. It takes time to connect all the dots and your startup cannot wait. Therefore, this gig’s objective is to speed up new founder’s learning process.

In our 1-on-1 Skype sessions we will cover:

·         Idea Feedback: Powerful feedback on your startup idea;

·         Idea Validation: Important concepts about how to validate your idea and a discussion about a plan to validate it;

·         Business Model Feedback: Powerful feedback on your business model;

·         Business Model Validation: Identification of the most important assumptions about your business model to be validated.

·         Finance: Fundamental concepts about startup financials as: burn rate, runway, cash flow, etc. 

·         Marketing: Essential marketing concepts as: CAC, LTV, ROI, traction channels, funnels, etc.

·         Execution: MVP, validation, iteration, etc.

Place your order and let’s start speeding up your journey to success! 🙂